Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thus far

At 6:30 pm EST, somewhere over Alaska, my watch battery gave up the ghost, done in, I think, by the imminent crossing of the International Date Line. I know how it feels. It's an unsettling thing to know that you've lost a day.

This is a quick post during a short layover in Tokyo, during which Betsy and I enjoyed pizza and edamame. We also hunted for a watch battery, but were unsuccessful. I guess this country doesn't know much about electronics or something.

Least favorite moment of our travels thus far? We walked out of JFK to get a cab (because the Air Train had mysteriously stopped working). We went to the cab line and the woman working there asked where we were headed. "Holiday Inn Express," Betsy replied. "Closed," the woman said. "It flooded". Betsy and I stood there, speechless, calculating our next move, when the woman said "kidding!" and opened the car door of the cab that had pulled up.

Now let me ask you: On what planet is that funny?!? Not the one I inhabit.

Other than that, things are fine. Off to board the flight to Bangkok.

Location:Tokyo Narita Airport

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