Thursday, October 6, 2011

Incredibly hot and incredibly big

We landed in Bangkok, got through customs, found all our bags, including the suitcase full of protein, and located a driver with our names on a placard. A long 45-minute ride to the hotel took us to the far side of this enormous city where we were deposited in a small "training hotel" run by Mahidol University's International College. This is where their tourism and hospitality students learn the trade. So far, I'm giving them an A for friendliness. An A for the room, too. Very nice. I am glad we are not visiting a school that trains hairdressers or veterinarians.

Time for bed after 20 hours in a plane and 9000 miles of travel. Funny, it really only felt like 7500.

Zzz for me. Pictures of Bangkok tomorrow.


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