Friday, October 7, 2011

Don Wai Market: What IS That?

I love a good farmer's market. But I've always taken for granted knowing all of the things that were for sale. A trip to Don Wai is a trip to the exotic: sights, tastes, and oh my god smells. Don Wai is a large marketplace on the banks of the river not far from where we're staying. Wanpimon rode with us in a van the University had arranged for us, and was kind enough to patiently wander through the market as Betsy and I stared, sniffed, and puzzled over the various offerings. Fish, as befits a riverside market, dominated the olfactory senses.

We opted not to sample the fare, but greatly admired the presentation. Vegetables of all shapes and colors were lovely, but it was the variety of exotic fruit that really caught my eye.

While Wanpimon enjoyed an Oreo shake, Betsy and I wandered the stalls and tried not to look like clueless tourists. Which, of course, we are. Luckily, the Thai people are gracious, and if they made fun of us, it was behind our backs (and well-deserved).

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